It is easy to see why! No more mascara, save time in the morning and always have flawless lashes. Achieve longer fuller lashes that are as soft and natural looking as your own while maintaining the health of your natural lashes.



If you are a new client please book a patch test and consultation 48 hours before your appointment.


Classic Lashes

(I.5 hours) – €60

    Classic Lash Refill

    (1 hour)  – €50

      Russian Volume Full Set (natural)

      (2 hours) – €70

        Volume Refill (natural)


          Russian Volume Full Set (dramatic)

          (2hr & 15 mins) – €80

            Volume Refill (dramatic)

            (1hr & 30 mins) – €70

              Lash Extension Removal

              (30 mins) – €12 

                Eyebrow Shape

                (15 mins) €10

                  Eyebrow Tint

                  (15 mins) €8

                    Eyelash Tint

                    (20 mins) €15

                      Eyelash and Brow Tint

                      (30 mins) – €20

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                        Our Approach to Lash Extensions

                        As each individual is different so are our lashes. At Nua Wellness we have developed a systematic approach to assessing the natural lashes and creating a bespoke set of lash extensions for each and every client. Lash extensions that are comfortable to wear and respect the health of the natural lashes. There are many factors to be considered when designing a truly custom set of lash extensions including eye shape, bone structure, natural lash health and the desired look. We carry a selection of different lash curls and lengths to fit every occasion whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday look. This is discussed at length during your consultation.

                        Lash extensions are then applied one by one to the natural lashes (never the skin) and only to the lashes that are mature enough to support the extension. The glue we use at Nua Wellness has been rigorously tested and meets all EU regulations. It is important to us to always make sure our products are not animal tested. The treatment is very relaxing and our clients regularly fall asleep during their appointments!

                        We have between 90 and 180 natural lashes per eye. Our lashes are always growing, falling and renewing themselves. This complete cycle takes about 90 days to complete. Lash extensions fall off with the natural lash when the growth cycle is complete, the natural lash and extension fall off together. To keep your lashes looking full we recommend a refill at 2 to 4 weeks to replace

                        Classic Lashes or Volume?

                        What is the difference and how do I decide which is for me?

                        At Nua Wellness we can create a set of lash extensions as natural or as dramatic as you
                        would like them to be. Classic Lashes is when one extension is attached to one natural lash. With this technique of lash application, it is possible to achieve more length and volume depending on the density of the natural lashes. A full set of classic lashes is 80-90 extensions per eye.

                        Volume Lashes is a highly specialised technique developed in Russia where between 3 and 9
                        extensions are applied to one natural lash. It takes months of study and practice to master
                        Russian volume lashing and to understand how to always maintain the health to the natural
                        lashes. The number of lashes in each fan depends on the level of volume required… 3D, 4D 5D etc. and how much weight the natural lashes can support.

                        How do I care for my lash extensions?

                        To get the most out of your lash extensions it is important to keep them clean and touch
                        them as little as possible. You do not need to keep your lashes dry after your appointment.
                        In fact if you are going to the gym we recommend shampooing your lashes before your
                        workout. This removes any residue that remains on the outside of the bonds.
                        Wash your lashes daily and pay attention to the lash line using gentle movements. Remove
                        all traces of makeup will inhibit the growth of bacteria along the lash line. Paper towel and
                        an oil free make up remover is recommended as the lint form cotton can get caught in the
                        base of your extensions. When cleaning your lashes never rub from side to side. This type of
                        friction will damage the bonds of the extensions and you may see you are losing extensions
                        with no natural lash attached. Always use a gentle up and down movement. Rinse your
                        lashes with cold water and dry with a hair drier on a cold setting.
                        Our lash line is similar to the scalp and keeping the skin clean means the growth of the
                        natural lashes is never inhibited. We don’t recommend mascara or lash curlers while
                        wearing your extensions.
                        Avoid oily products as these can weaken the bonds of your extensions. Other activities
                        which may affect lash extensions include, steam rooms, saunas, and swimming. If you have
                        any questions or concerns on how to take care of your lashes we are always happy to help.

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