Eyelash Extensions is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry. From the Kardashians to Oprah it seems every celebrity on the planet is wearing them. It is easy to see why! Who doesn’t want longer fuller lashes, without having to apply layer after layer or messy mascara only to end up with it all over your face!
As with anything that is relatively new, there are unfortunately misconceptions and myths. In this blog, I want to take a look at the 5 most common misconceptions new clients have when they come to have their first set of lash extensions.

1 Lash Extensions damage the health of your natural lashes.
This is the most common question I get asked. Lash Extensions will not damage your natural lashes if they are applied correctly. If however they are not properly applied they will cause damage. There are 2 ways extensions will cause damage. If the extension is too heavy for the natural lash. This may over time inhibit the growth of the natural lashes. Also if there is more that one natural lash attached to each extension, this will cause the weaker lashes to be pulled out by the stronger ones and over time the natural lashes become thinner and more sparse.

2 Lash Extensions are painful.
Lash extensions should never be painful, in fact, you should not feel them at all. If the application is painful it is possible your lash technician is inexperienced and is pulling your natural lashes unnecessarily. If you experience discomfort after the application it is because the lashes have been attached to the skin which is not healthy for your natural lashes or your skin, or some of your natural lashes have been left stuck together and they are now pulling on each other.

3 All Lash Extensions look the same.
There are many different options available when it comes to lash extensions. From different lengths, curls and thicknesses and also different application techniques the possibilities are endless. We are happy to work with our client to achieve the look they want to achieve. An experienced lash technician will create a unique set of lash extensions for each client, because no two clients have the same eyes or eyelashes.

4 You cant want your face for 24 hours after your lash appointment.
Eyelash glues are constantly being improved and reformulated. When lash extensions first became popular this was the case as it took 24 to 48 hours for the glue to fully cure. Thankfully the industry has come a long way since then and now the adhesive will be almost fully cured before you even leave your lash appointment.

5 You need to take brakes from lash extensions.
Many people believe that you have to take breaks from getting extensions in order to let your natural lashes recover This is definitely a myth. Your eyelashes continue to shed like normal, and a new natural lash will grow back whether you have extensions on or not. It is completely up to you whether you wish to take a break.