The Ultimate in zero gravity Experience

Flotation Therapy moving to the forefront of injury treatment and prevention and improves clarity and performance. It is also effective in managing stress and anxiety.

What is Floatation Therapy

Flotation Therapy is a truly unique experience which takes place in a pod containing 25 cm of water and 1000lb of magnesium-rich Epsom salts. The saltwater solution is heated to body temperature (35.5°C) and the environment in the tank is also controlled so the air is also skin temperature.

Once you are settled, it is impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which are not. This creates an environment similar to that of the Dead Sea but without the sensation of temperature or movement, which lets you float effortlessly on the surface of the water, enjoying a feeling of total freedom & weightlessness!

The pod is specifically designed to block you all external distractions including sight, sound tactile sensation, and gravity. It is equipped with an internal light you can control during your session for your own comfort.  This environment brings long-lasting and transformational experiences. Floating has become increasingly popular as more people are becoming aware of flotations remarkable benefits.

The Benefits of Floatation Therapy

General Well-being

  • Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation
  • Eliminates fatigue and jet lag
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates stress (mental and physical)
  • Energises, rejuvenates and revitalises
  • Increases motivation, diminishes depression, anxiety and fear
  • Facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions

Mental Benefits

  • Stimulates left/right brain synchronisation
  • Shifts brain waves from beta to lower frequency alpha, theta and even delta
  • Creates mental clarity, alertness
  • Increases creativity, problem solving
  • Heightens visualisation
  • Deepens meditation
  • Expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, accelerates learning
  • Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis

Physical Benefits

  • Decreases the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline
  • Increases production of endorphins
  • Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
  • Relieves pain (arthritis, migraines, injuries and so on)
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process